1Who is the organiser of Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL ?
The organizer of Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL is Comexposium. They are one of the leading event organizer with extensive experience in planning and executing international exhibitions, ensuring a successful and engaging event for all participants.
2What is “SIAL Network”?
SIAL is the French acronym for "Salon International De L'Alimentation," which translates to "International Food Exhibition" in English. SIAL is the exclusive brand of Comexposium Group, a globally recognized exhibition organizer, established in 1964 in the vibrant city of Paris. SIAL's worldwide exhibitions occur annually in diverse locations such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Paris, Montreal, Toronto, Las Vegas, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and numerous other cities. These events have evolved to become the foremost series of global food and beverage exhibitions, offering a substantial platform for food and beverage companies from across the globe to voice their perspectives and champion their values.
3When and where does Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL take place?
Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL typically takes place annually. Be sure to check our Home page of website for the most up-to-date information on the event dates and venue.
4Are there special programs or features at the event?
Yes, Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL often includes special programs like cooking demonstrations, industry forums, and networking sessions. Stay informed through our website for announcements about these exciting features.
5Who can attend Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL?
Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL is open to professionals and businesses involved in the food and beverage industry, including suppliers, distributors, retailers, and restaurateurs. It's a trade-only event.
6How can I register to attend Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL?
Registration details and instructions can be found on our website closer to the event date. Stay tuned for updates on how to secure your spot.
7Can I exhibit my products at Food & Drinks Malaysia?
Absolutely! If you're interested in exhibiting your food and beverage products, please register at “Exhibitor Registration” section under “For Exhibitors” on our website to inquire about booth availability.
8Who can exhibit in Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL?
Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL welcomes exhibitors from a wide spectrum of the food and beverage industry. This includes Food Producers and Manufacturers, Beverage Producers , Ingredient Suppliers, Food Technology and Equipment Providers, Distributors and Wholesalers, Hospitality and Catering Services, Retailers, Startups and Innovators, Government Agencies an etc.
9Is there a hosted buyer program for attendees?
Yes, Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL typically offers a hosted buyer program for qualified attendees. This program includes benefits such as curated matchmaking, exclusive events, and personalized assistance to enhance your experience.
10Can I stay updated on event news and announcements?
Absolutely! We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter through our website to receive the latest updates, news, and important information regarding Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL.
11How can I get in touch for sponsorship enquiries?
To inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please feel free to contact our dedicated sponsorship team through the contact details provided on our website under the “Contact Us" section.
12How can I get in touch with the event organizers for further inquiries?
You can reach out to our event organizers by visiting the "Contact Us" section on our website. We'd be happy to assist you with any additional questions or information you may need.