Main Stage - Hall 4


Time Details Speaker
9:30 AM–10:30 AM : Registration and Welcoming Drinks  
10:00 AM - 10:15 AM : Welcome Address by Henri Tan, Exhibition Director for Southeast Asia, Comexposium  
Session 1: High-Impact Keynote Address
“Navigating Dynamic Shifts in the Food & Beverage Industry"
This insightful presentation will highlight the imperative need for businesses to understand and respond to the ever-evolving trends in the food and beverage industry - the dynamic shifts in consumer preferences and emerging market drivers. Attendees will gain valuable insights into how businesses can navigate the complexities of the F&B market and uncover opportunities for growth and success amidst ongoing transformation.
Mr. Anuran Dhar, Practice Head for Food Service, Global Data
"Sarawak: Unlocking Opportunities in Asia's Emerging Economic Powerhouse
This insightful session unveils the unparalleled investment potential of Sarawak, a rapidly emerging economic hub in Asia. This presentation will illuminate Sarawak's unique value proposition, highlighting its strategic location, abundant natural resources, and progressive economic policies. Discover the diverse investment opportunities across key sectors such as energy, infrastructure, agriculture, and digital economy.
Mr. Timothy Ong, CEO, Invest Sarawak
Session 2: Investment Insights
"Inside the Investor's Mind: Opportunities in 2024"
Gain exclusive access to the minds of top agrifoodtech investors in this insightful panel discussion. Our esteemed panel of investors will provide invaluable insights into the factors that influence their investment decisions. From venture capitalists to impact investors, attendees will hear diverse perspectives that guide investment decisions in agrifoodtech. Our panelists will share their experiences, successes, and lessons learned from investing in startups across the food and agriculture value chain.
Dr. Chris Aurand, Open Innovation Leader of Thai Union Group PCL
Session 3: Innovation Highlights
"Quantum Leap: Empowering Innovations in Agrifoodtech"
This presentation unveils Thailand's proactive approach to tackling sustainability challenges, ensuring food security, and preserving the environment within its food and agriculture sectors, as well as showcasing Thailand's groundbreaking innovative solutions and glean invaluable insights for crafting resilient and sustainable food systems worldwide.
National Innovation Agency, Thailand
"Revolutionizing Industries: The Intersection of Innovation and Product Development"
This dynamic presentation will delve into the transformative power of innovation in driving product development across industries and navigate the evolving landscape of technology, consumer preferences, and market dynamics, unveiling how forward-thinking approaches can revolutionize traditional processes
Mr. Alvin Andrew, Chief Executive Officer, Fubizo Group Sdn. Bhd.
"Building the Future: Integrating Innovative Solutions and Japanese Technologies"
This enlightening session will delve into how Sustainable Food Asia is pioneering the fusion of novel materials from innovative ventures with advanced technologies from leading Japanese food-related companies. Discover how this synergy is creating a robust foundation for a sustainable food industry, addressing environmental challenges, and meeting the demands of a growing population.
Mr. Satoshi Umino, CEO, Sustainable Food Asia
Session 4: Grand Opening Ceremony
2:00PM Welcome Address by Ybhg. Datuk Wan Khalik Wan Muhammad, Executive Chairman of Armacon  
"Borneo Agrifoodtech Frontier: Pioneering Sustainable Food Solutions"
Sarawak emerges as a catalyst in the transformative journey of agriculture, bridging tradition with innovation and embracing sustainability as its cornerstone. In this visionary keynote address, our esteemed Guest of Honour will illuminate the path forward, charting a course that harnesses the power of technology, collaboration, and ingenuity to feed our communities sustainably.
Visonary Keynote by Guest of Honour, YB Datuk Amar Haji Awang Tengah Ali Hasan, Deputy Premier of Sarawak, Second Minister for Natural Resources and Urban Development, Minister for International Trade, Industry and Investment
Top Champion Spotlight: The SPARK Singapore 2024
1. N&E Innovations - Didi Gan, Founder & CEO
2. Ultimeat - Edwin Lee, Founder & CEO
3. Entomal Biotech - Yanni Ching, Co-Founder & CCO
Session 5: Pitching Competition (Powered By Impact Circle And Innovate 360)
“The SPARK Kuala Lumpur”
12 selected startups will have the opportunity to pitch their innovative solutions at The SPARK Kuala Lumpur. With RMI0 million in investment opportunities at stake, these startups will showcase their groundbreaking ideas and vie for the chance to secure vital funding to accelerate their ventures.
Special Keynote address by
Puan Nurul Izzah Anwar, Senior Advisor of Impact Circle
Session 6: Feast & Awards Presentation
"A Feast for the Future : A Celebration of Food, Culture, and Connection"
In this memorable evening, 20 outstanding innovators in Food Systems Change,
will be recognised by Impact Circle for their outstanding contributions in driving forward sustainable and inclusive transformations in food and agriculture, paving the way for a brighter future. This event also introduces Southeast Asia Women in Agrifoodtech Network — a dynamic and inclusive community committed to empowering women in the agricultural and food technology sectors.
The SPARK Kuala Lumpur Champion Award Ceremony and The Food Systems Impact Change Maker Award Ceremony presented by Distinguished Guest of Honour
Puan Nurul Izzah Anwar, Senior Advisor of Impact Circle

GCCM Competition Zone - Hall 2

DAY 2 - 3rd Global Culinary Challenge Malaysia

03:00AM - 07:00AM Wedding cake display  
Individual Challenge  
08:00AM - 09:00AM 1st Match  
09:30AM -10:30AM 2nd Match  
11:00AM - 12:00PM Women's HealthyMeal  
11:00AM - 12:00PM 3rd Match Concurrent MasterChef Show
1:30PM - 2:30PM 4th Match
Team Challenge  
8:00AM - 11:00AM 1st Match  
11:30AM - 2:30PM 2nd Match  
3:00PM - 6:00PM 3rd Match  
7:30PM - 10:00PM Welcome Dinner