Why Visit ?

A SIAL Network’s Show

FDM's involvement in the SIAL Network offers a gateway to global markets, valuable industry connections, and a platform to showcase its products and innovations to a diverse and influential audience.

Connect with Industry Giants

A platform to network and build relationships with influential players in the food and beverage industry, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships.

Discover Future Trends

You can stay at the forefront of industry developments by uncovering emerging food and beverage trends.

Explore Diverse F&B Product

With a vast array of products from various cultures and regions, you can explore a diverse range of food and beverage offerings, allowing them to diversify their product portfolios and cater to evolving consumer preferences.

Conferences and Forums

SIAL Network's shows often host conferences and forums where industry experts share their insights and knowledge, enabling you to learn from thought.

A Power-Packed Hosted Buyer Programme

The hosted buyer program enhances the experience for qualified buyers, offering tailored matchmaking, access to exclusive events, and personalized assistance, making the event more efficient and productive for attendees.
Retail & Distribution
Hospitality & Services
E-commerce & Distribution
Importers & Exporters
Institutional Catering
F&B Logistics
Supermarkets / Hypermarkets

In numbers

94% of surveyed visitors said they look forward to visiting FDM 2024.
82% of surveyed visitors said they made significant business connections or partnerships during the show.